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The Trail for

The welcome, listening, help and support during your transition.

Your involvement and participation

The impact will be on your social network, your physical and mental health, your meaning of life and your dignity.

Our Locations

Friendly and accessible places with qualified facilitators present.

Services provided

Support, administrative assistance, research for services, programs and cohesion activities.


The Trail will help you obtain services and provide activities to help alleviate your isolation.
An extraordinary team is here to support you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support and assistance to Canadian veterans in transition, in collaboration with government programs, private or community support organizations for veterans in order to facilitate their reintegration as capable and autonomous citizens.


The Trail is privileged to be a partner, providing support to facilitate reintegration for Canadian military veterans in Quebec.

The Trail

Our Values


For the service and sacrifices made by our Veterans and their families.


Our support for the well-being and reintegration of Veterans and their families is our priority.


Our veterans are not alone. The same goes for support organizations. It is imperative that our work is integrated and optimized with that of other stakeholders and partners.

Continuity – Sustainability

The support required by our Veterans in need is not short term. We are committed to supporting them in their journey until their eventual reintegration.

The Trail

Our History

2018 marked an important evolution for Maison Biéler inc. Since its founding in 1979, Maison Biéler inc. has been providing affordable housing for seniors veterans in Montreal. Through its two buildings, Maison Biéler and Maison Jean Brillant, the organization facilitated access to affordable housing for veterans of 20th-century world wars and conflicts.

After analyzing the services offered to veterans, the Board of Directors realized that the situation of Canadian military veterans had changed dramatically. Our organization’s original clientele had left us, or were living in specialized residences. Veterans who have served over the past few decades, more specifically those from Bosnia, Afghanistan and other NATO and UN missions, were seeing the accessibility of services become more complex, and were requesting and still requesting cutting-edge medical services, all the while being accompanied by a significant administrative burden to access them.

These contemporary veterans, often weakened by injuries attributable to visible and invisible services, including post-traumatic stress disorder, have limited access to care and support and to services for transitions to civilian life. These services, often characterized by slow, procedural and siloed bureaucracy, compromise integration into civilian life after military service.

These men and women represent an important part of the military community, and have significant and urgent needs in terms of care, effective accompaniment offered within a reasonable timeframe and, above all, adapted to their conditions. These support and accompaniment services, so crucial to the success of their transition, are an inescapable element of a successful transition for veterans and their families.

In 2019, in order to achieve this new goal for veterans, Maison Biéler founded the organization – The Trail- Transition housing Inc. to respond to this new reality. Our mission is to offer accompaniment and transition support services to help veterans and their families access services adapted to their needs, enabling a smooth transition to their new lives in our communities.

The Trail now has the privilege of working with the various institutional, community and veterans’ support organizations and groups who want to offer a better future to all those who have served our country.

You Can Help!

The Trail is happy to welcome anyone who wants to volunteer their time, knowledge, skills and empathy to help our veterans in need.

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